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Image challenge

This day is a bank holiday in "La Réunion" to celebrate the abolition of slavery. The person who proclaimed the abolition received the Legion of Honour.
A request for information about this decoration has been made on october 29th 1956 to the archivist in charge of the files of the Legion of Honour.
1. What was the name of the person who made the request ?
The archivist's answer is incomplete bacause of an incident who damaged some files including this one.
2. What was the date of this incident (format YYYYMMDD)
The building has been rebuilt by an architect whose identity can be found on Wikipedia along with other websites. Unfortunately only the family name is correct. You have to find the true identity of this architect.
EDIT 10:52am: the French Wikipedia page has been modified, so the challenge is obvious. You can however try to find the information :)
3. What are their two names ? The spelling of the middle name varies depending on the source, but we accept both.
(Example: Dupont 18520629 Jean-Marie)