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Image challenge

On December 18th, 2009, a reportage gave me the sudden idea to take a vacation abroad, and why not celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event there?
1. In which city do I want to go?
Without a second thought, I type www.airfrance.fr into my web browser. On the homepage, my attention is caught by a 691€ promotion. All of a sudden, I change my mind and plans and buy the ticket.
2. What is the ICAO code of the international airport where I landed?
Ten years later, I went back there and was photographed by the airport’s staff on December 22nd. What a surprise to see a picture of me on Instagram.
3. Where was I?
By the way, I was just chilling when I received this email from my daughter attached with this photo: Seen on the road to Brassy : for you who love Christmas trees, it's paradise here. Kisses
4. What are the GPS coordinates (decimal format, precision of 3 digits) of this doorway?
(Example: Paris ABCD Pizzeria Aldente 43.698,7.281)